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She was sitting there in the reading and her Aunt was sitting right in front of her with her eyes closed just listening to the play. It was just such an amazing visual that I will remember for the rest of my writing career. I have several projects. I also am in the beginning process of working on a One-Act play called Obsolete Classified which is one of the heavier pieces I have worked on ever.

I am someone who is very passionate about the discussion of mental health and that no one should be afraid to admit that they are not okay. Show dates are March 7 th , 11 th and 12 th at the Hudson Guild Theatre.

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I read the script and then I ask myself how I want to take on this role from talking, expressions, mannerisms, to even the way I stand, are they likeable or unlikeable, how do I relate, can I relate and so on. I am not someone who tries to completely go against the grain from what the writer was wanting to get across but I still want to make it my own. I feel as actors the one thing we should always do is put percent trust in our directors so if we are able to do that then the performance will show. Oh wow. This is a tough one. Musicals I am gonna say Jake in Sideshow.

For all four roles, I feel I would bring being able to relate and understand them. I find that fascinating as an artist. Josh Rhodes is truly one of the greatest directors I truly feel in the entire world and working with him truly was a defining moment in my career. Who has had the biggest impact on your journey so far?

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Do you have any mentors or heroes in the theatre? Isaiah Johnson and Jessica Frances Dukes for being the epitome of what a black artist should be and two people I truly look up to on and off the stage. He truly deserves all the amazing things coming his way. One of the most talented dancers I have ever seen in my entire life and with all that I can truly say one of the kindest beautiful spirits I have ever encountered. Believe in yourself.

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With confidence you have won even before you started. We all get that little negative voice in our head. The sooner you have the strength to block it out the sooner you will become the best performer you can be. Everyone I feel has the ability and capability to make it in this amazing business.

You can do it. While I recognized the value in each track, I chose leadership. How do they use leadership to tell the types of stories they want to tell? How do they leverage leadership to affect change? Essentially, each leader needs their own personal mission, vision, and values that drive forward their work.

In addition, Ybarra prioritizes hiring people who share her values and can take care of the people in the room.

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As a person of color in a primarily White institution, her leadership style is to hold the door open and help situate people in the organization who can become allies later on. Both Ybarra and Johka stressed the importance of cultivating relationships with allies, finding peer groups, and identifying collaborators within and outside of your institution.

The next portion of the leadership track was spent in small groups discussing what leadership means to us. The conversation then shifted to mentorship. While it was beneficial to hear others comment on their relationships as mentees and mentors, perhaps the most productive portion of the session was the one-on-one mentorship speed-dating.

In pairs, we discussed our specific mentorship style. Since my partner was also a professor, we discussed the balance between teaching and mentoring and how those lines can become blurred based on the types of courses we teach. While the leadership track certainly offered its fair share of constructive takeaways, I find that LTC events are best understood by looking at the whole. Leadership was on display throughout the weekend. The artistic collective of The Sol Project was launching their ambitious initiative the same weekend congrats to Hilary Bettis and the creative team of Alligator!

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To conclude, there is no conclusion. Becoming a stronger leader is a never-ending process.

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I still have much to learn and am thankful for events such as LTCNewYorkCity that give me a crash-course into different ways to become a more effective arts leader. Weaving oral histories of members of the Black Panthers Party and the Young Lords Party with the contemporary sociopolitical climate, Party People is an incredibly powerful multi-sensory and genre-bending performance that left me inspired Clips here , here , and here.

Come to find out, my day was teeming with inspiration, at times from the unlikeliest of places. While I was jacked up about Party People , our conversation quickly went to Sondheim as can happen with two musical theatre nerds. I was looking to be inspired in a different way. So when TUTS announced their season with Into the Woods filling the slot usually reserved for holiday-themed shows, I marked it on my calendar as a must-see in the Houston theatre season.

Why are scholars suddenly being so thoroughly taken into the fold now? Where have they been all these years? D in theatre but also the first person to formally study Latino theatre. The newly formed LTC steering committee met with Latino theatremakers from a diverse array of artistic disciplines, regions, career stages, genders, and sexual orientations.

Continue reading at American Theatre Magazine. In fact, of the population under years-old, only 22 percent are white. The same year, an NPR feature celebrated this rich diversity. Houston is growing at an astronomical pace and there is no evidence that this is slowing down.

Luckily, the arts are along for this ride. In and alone, the city has seen an unprecedented boom in the arts. To repeat, in a city with over 2. If you want to see something familiar, perhaps The Caucasian Chalk Circle for the umpteenth time, then I am sure there will be a production around the corner.

If you are looking for professional-grade theatre that is brave, raw, and real, then Holy Day will deliver. Since then, the play has received few productions, making this a powerfully fresh choice for a Texas high school theatre competition.

Judy Asks: Will U.S. Troop Pullouts Accelerate European Defense Integration?

Holy Day explores colonialism, brutality, deceit, murder, and racism on the 19 th century Australian frontier, on the borderlands of white and black, of frontier life and indigenous life. Aside from the gorgeous projections, Holy Day features a soundscape of rain, thunder, and didgeridoos. As the projections show, life on the frontier is in a constant state of motion that involves violent collisions amidst a world of heightened naturalism.

Each character is nuanced and flawed in some way. No one is left unscathed. As an Australian Gothic play, Holy Day often shows the ugly side of humanity by rendering a frighteningly real look at the effects of colonialism in Australia. The play offers a glimpse into the atrocities of colonialism against the Aboriginal population in Australia where, much like in the United States, European settlers pushed indigenous peoples off their lands and, in many cases, murdered them.

As Holy Day shows, children were taken by settlers to be raised as Christians, only to become the servants to white settlers and the victims of physical abuse. As in the United States, these histories are not taught across the curriculum in Australia, making Holy Day a bold choice for Carnegie Vanguard to start a dialogue through theater. Could this not be potentially traumatizing to an audience member who has experienced domestic violence? Examples such as these are innumerable. Let me break Holy Day down from my perspective of having seen the production three times.

Some have complained about the language in the play. Sure, these words might be offensive to some in , but have you walked down the halls of a high school in the last 20 years? Have you seen a high school play outside of the bubble you live in? Have you seen a PG movie recently?

Have you read a John Green young adult novel recently? Yes, we hear the screams of both characters once they are off-stage, but we never see it many of the complaints have made it sound like these rape scenes occur on -stage. Is theatre not supposed to be a place to have difficult conversations and get people talking? We do a disservice to our students to ignore the topic of rape.

As nearly every statistic reveals, 1-in-4 women in college are the victim of rape or sexual assault. They cannot allow this to happen. All hell breaks loose… literally. For scripts and licensing please visit Samuel French. An adventure through Orange County told from the perspective of a girl on the autism spectrum. A play with illustrations. Okay I have to admit something from the start. I was never that great of a student but I always did well on papers and in English class.

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  8. So I would say my earliest memories go as far back as the 4 th or 5 th grade.