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Student login. Overseas Health Cover for Workers. Compare Working Cover. How OVHC works. Visas we cover. Manage your account. Overseas Visitor Health Cover. Compare Visiting Cover. Help centre. Contact us. Make a claim. About us. Policy Wording. Become a partner. İbrahim takes this as his inheritance, and it has become a central moral principle which guides his conduct. Despite the fact that he retired in , İbrahim keeps himself busy five, sometimes six, days a week with volunteer work. It is a part of my life, and I will do this until my last breath.

It is one of the revered sites in the Muslim world. He also promised her that she would be among the first who would conquer an island, though it is not clear which island he referred to. Umm Haram came from the Banu Najjar tribe. Hala is the Turkish word for paternal aunt and Khala is the Arabic word for maternal aunt. Umm Haram remembered the vision that Prophet Muhammad had disclosed to her. She was eager to take part in this expedition to Cyprus and to be included as part of a for- midable navy. The Arab navy with its powerful ships successfully defeated the Byzantine forces in Cyprus.

According to some accounts, Umm Haram fell off her mule during the siege of Larnaca and died, possibly because of her advanced age. Her burial spot near Larnaca Salt Lake became a shrine and a mosque was built next to it during the early years of the 19th century.

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It was narrated that he saw a dream and then searched for the grave and successfully located it. Tradition holds that the great Sufi Sheik Hassan did not reveal to the general public the contents of the dream which led to his discov- ery of the grave site. Later, a mosque was constructed on the site and the complex assumed its present form in The Lodge of Hala Sultan complex is composed of a mosque, mausoleum, minaret, cemetery, and living quarters for men and women.

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The term tekke Sufi lodge applies to a building designed specifically for the gatherings of a Sufi brotherhood, or tariqah, and may have referred to an earlier feature of the location like a cemetery of a saint. The present-day complex, open to all and not belonging to a single religious movement, lies in a serene setting on the shores of the Larnaca Salt Lake. The minaret is connected to the mosque at its north- western corner. On the entrance gate there is an Ottoman inscription dated March 4, Visiting the Hala Sultan Lodge during religious holidays was a custom among Muslims living in Cyprus.

They would usually visit the Lodge on the second day of Eid. The Dellal family would dis- tribute food to fellow visitors. The family would stay the whole day and, on occasion, remain overnight.

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Men and women worshiped in separate areas. The complex included a mosque and the land around the lodge belonged to the mosque. Income generated by the use of that land supported the lodge. İbrahim enjoyed playing in the fields surrounding the Lodge. Other children would also come to play there, especially during the days of Eid. On Eid, children would kiss the hands of elders at the lodge. This is a common sign of respect in Turkish culture.

The elders would give children sweets, money, and other small items. Even non-Muslim chil- dren would come to the lodge on the Eid days and kiss the hands of the elders, who would not hesitate in pleasing them with gifts as well. A flower-like scent was always in the air when İbrahim visited this sacred place. On this night, it is believed that Prophet Muhammad ascended to the Heavens with the guidance of Archangel Gabriel. Also, it was on this night that God ordained the five daily prayers for Muslims. İbrahim loved the lodge so much that he would not be afraid to visit at night. A sense of calmness would descend upon him while he was there and he would look forward to his visits.

One day, the two boys were playing in the backyard and both grew tired. İbrahim and Hasan lay side by side on the grass, staring up into the sky. Both boys saw the skies open up and saw a beautiful land with lush greenery. Then the boys saw them- selves building a beautiful mosque.

They were shocked but felt strange- ly happy. How could we see a dream? Plus, both of us saw it. She shook her head and went into the house. The brothers later told their father what they had witnessed, but he too had a hard time believing it. For İbrahim, the vision was an unforgettable experience However, good dreams and visions can spiritually comfort a person and encourage that person to do more good.

The brothers organized and directed the construction of the Cypriot Turkish Mosque in Sunshine, Victoria until its completion in Like many students, he cried a great deal during his first day at school; however, he eventual- ly came to enjoy school.

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He liked his teacher and the teacher liked him as well. His father demonstrated a great deal of self-discipline, both at home and at work. Hence, he wanted İbrahim to study hard and also exhibit self-discipline. For example, İbrahim would go to school and return home on time. Because İbrahim was not poor, he did not receive. However, he greatly enjoyed the smell of the milk being heated.

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Even though his mother made milk at home, it never had the same smell. It was considered a disgrace to usurp the proper- ty of the poor or orphaned. Sometimes İbrahim wished he was poor so that he could have a taste of the milk. He was treated as a rich boy; however, he wanted to be treated as an ordinary boy. İbrahim could not recall having committed naughty acts during his primary years.